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We are a UK-based specialist export consultancy, offering unique and comprehensive solutions for companies wanting to maximise sales and optimise potential in the global marketplace.


Our international clients include:


  • Companies that are first-time exporters


  • Companies that have some export experience but tend to have an ad hoc approach where they simply react to enquiries. This usually means that they have short-term sales rather than long-term repeat business in export markets.


  • Companies that are experienced exporters but need to address specific issues.



Some clients appoint us as their sole international marketing arm, other clients with in-house marketing resource opt to utilize our services in specific markets.


Our specialist team will work with you to address specific export issues, such as:


  • Formulating a corporate export sales and marketing strategy.


  • Devising an export sales and marketing strategy for a specific geographical region or country.


  • Market entry strategy planning.


  • Improving business development and market share in existing markets.


  • Development of overseas sales networks including agents, distributors, strategic alliance partners and joint ventures.

We have a proven track record in offering tailored solutions that will unlock your export sales potential.

Whatever your level of experience, we will adapt our services to match your specific requirements to ensure optimum outcomes.

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